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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Haha!!! time to blog again...
pai seh to my blog viewers i had no time to post n update...

HaHa todae neber go sch pontan lor... haha say out le eu all will luff de...
i todae didnt go sch cuz my form teacher want to catch mie, and ask mie to go n buy a longer skirt...

eh pls la... i did not author my skirt lor buy den lyk tat already stupid dumb ass...
i will not buy a new skirt lor...

wat the hell say my skirt short onli above knee abit onli ma... still say infront of 3ta tat i am a cheap ger a slut mind ur language lor... den ur skirt so long tat means u ar beri expensive lor ur skirt so long be careful eu step on ur own skirt and fall off the stairs hor... dun sae i neber warn eu!!!

okae le la rite till here geting ready going fer band...


Monday, July 24, 2006

OMG!!! where ish my freedom
wad de FCUK!!! i lost my freedom once again... i hate it!!! i WAN my FREEDOM back again pls!!!!! b4 sch recess time after sch n after band will see him... i wish he could gib me a bit of freedom n tats enuff... when im feeling down i wan to be alone but nobody understand.... i had no one to tok to... nobody understand how frastrated i am... only pei yu... she understands mie alot... but i seldom chat wif her now... last time we were better... haiz forget it!!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Soorrii guys fer not updating my blog!!!

Yeah!! In love ish the best thing in de world!!! He brightens up my day... it starts on 8/7/06... Lao Gong woaiinii !!!

But there ar a few bastards tat cuz mie to hate them... they are all fcukers!!!

have a GUY everything oso be in-charge already, now he shld be bloody hell happy... he talks lyk shit ii hate his voice... he oso always embarrass mie FUCK OFF!!! GET OFF MY SIGHT!!! ii WILL REVENGE FOR SURE!!!

and a ger tat stupid puar c b... owaes act cute infront of guys...

and todae a bloody fcuker scold mie too... he scold mie fer nth... he didnt see wad happen and make his own conclusion... i hate ppl to comment b4 knowing wad had happen... haiz

finally my stress is gone!!! tis is de way i treat my blog... whenever im feeling very happy or very angry i will post it here... so ppl wait fer my next post ba wish is a haooy one!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Wow !!! now den have time tuu update blog...

last few days kept going fer band prac tuu practice fer our coming concert... Yeah!! (wish nothing goes wrong during de concert!)

todae went tuu pulau ubin wif my family total 7 ppl...

we went there tuu pray de 大伯公, heehee... ii got burn by de joss sticks and now still have one small black dot on my right palm... den ii say is the god gave mie tis dot haha... lol

den ii supersitious quickly us my mum buy my hp no. haha (but oso neber win) :(

we all rent bikes den we cycle around pulau ubin...
the weather is lyk BLOODY hell hot lor... wa lau...

we rode rode, rode so far up de slope down de slope, cycle so cum den came tuu a dead end wtf...
den rode back up de slope everyone came down tuu push except mie n my cousin after tat my uncle chase up three of us rode very fast...

den ii saw a c0ld drinks stall ii look at de sign ALMOST bang into de tree haha...

den ii waited for my mum, while my uncle n cousin carry on...

ii waited very long abit scared cuz de place ulu ulu...

den saw jia cheng and his family haha such a small world... den ii told him tat way is dead end he dun believe...

finally heard my mother's voice, no wonder they push their bikes ALL de way up... haha stupid weaklings... den cycle cycle finally caught up wif my uncle n cousin...

den we went tuu eat de seafood there, tat was de worst food ii have ever ate lor... SUCKS
after we eaten we return de bikes and took the boat back...
ii scared tml my legs surely very pain de lor sobsobx...

5 more days tuu de concert!!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wow todae woke up at 9 plus... so early lorr... den mit yin min, jabil, qiqi, jun long, de li and jeremy at AMK MRT station at 10.30... im late for sure but im the fourth to reach haha hab ppl even later den mie lorr... we went tuu east coast park to realx before we regret lorr... cuz sch going tuu reopen lerr ma... den we took 76 a LONGGGG journey lorr... den reach there played water haha (my purpose) den stay in de water very long until we red red de haha like clown lorr... den after tat raining heavily went for bath... den we went ARCADE haha.... this bunch of them love going tuu arcade lorr... den we went back tuu AMK blk 304 playground tuu rest lorr... until 8 plus 9 den we went home. Wad a tiring and fun day lorr... so happy!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

WoW!!! time flies... so fast is going tuu sch reopen lerr... HOW??? OMG!!! during june holiday we (band members) still nid tuu go back tuu sch thrice a week lor... so tiring lor... den holiday not like holiday like shit lor... wat de fuck.... go back sch still nid tuu do homework... teachers will be chasing homework from us... and havig rememdial lessons and our class will run for our life (our mission) haha..... and everything will be de same... early wake up go sch spot check got caught get scolding after sch band after band go home rest sleep and next day............. it goes on and on de same thing!!! ii HATE it!!! sch sux!!! aiya gtg lerr de more ii sae de angrier ii am ar!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

band again
todae got band again!!! 8.45am to 1pm... i mit yin ming at chong boon mac at 7.45am... haha i was late again for sure, when i reach eileen, yin ming, wang yu, hong zhou and mr ong reach le so pai seh lor...

our clarinets parts some of the parts were changed... and some of them were not happi abt it as they have already learn so long the concert is coming and now because of "U" our parts changed... and when the parts changed of cuz the notes and some redem changed it's not very fair to them... especially slow learner...

todae mr leng had something on so he ended earlier but the band room still opens in the afternoon for us to practice...
i tis kind of ppl neber pon band already very still ask mie stay... i would neber stay unless it is compulsory... haha ii am de slacker....
I tried to forget.
JoViNa aka XiAoGeRgEr

swit sixteen
hope tuu get good results

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him loads
rebonding moi hair

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